Managing Locations

The Building Management Module is a tool designed to manage multiple aspects of buildings, floors, and individual spaces within a facility. It enables users to add and manage locations with ease, provides detailed insights through various tabs, and integrates advanced features like QR code scanning and AI-assisted support. This document outlines the functionality and user interactions within the module.

Adding Locations/spaces

Users can add new locations or spaces by clicking the 'Add' button. This action opens a form where users can enter the following details:

  • Name: Name of the location or space.

  • Type: Type of location being added. There are four types available:

    • Site

    • Building

    • Floor

    • Space

  • Parent location

Location set Detail Page

Upon selecting a location, you'll access its detail page, which is divided into several informative tabs:

  1. Info Tab: Consolidates all pertinent details about the location, offering a comprehensive overview at a glance.

  2. Assets: Lists all assets linked to the location, including equipment, furniture, and other physical assets.

  3. Documents: Allows users to store and manage digital documents related to the location, such as leases, warranties, and maintenance records.

  4. Tickets: Displays any helpdesk tickets linked to the location, facilitating issue tracking and resolution.

  5. AI Chat: Features an AI assistant tailored to the location, allowing users to interact and get assistance or information directly.

  6. Knowledge Base: Contains data that the AI assistant uses to learn and provide relevant responses or solutions.

QR Code and AI Integration

  • Each location/space has a unique QR code that can be attached in the space. Users can scan this QR code to quickly submit helpdesk tickets or engage with the AI assistant for immediate support.

  • The AI assistant, powered by the knowledge base, offers an innovative way to provide real-time assistance and information to users, enhancing the building management experience.

Map a location/space to a 3D render


This module is designed to enhance the management and operational efficiency of building environments, making it an essential tool for facility managers and occupants alike.

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