Almitee's modules are designed with flexibility in mind, offering various view options to cater to different user preferences and data interaction needs. While each module operates under the same fundamental principles, the availability of different views enhances user experience by providing tailored perspectives on the data. Let's explore how you can navigate and utilize these view options within any Almitee module.

Accessing Different Views

Location of View Options

  • Upon entering any module in Almitee, you'll find view options integrated within or near the search bar. This design ensures easy access and quick switching between different perspectives.

Available View Options

  1. List View:

    • This is a standard, detailed view where items are listed in a vertical sequence, often with accompanying information displayed in a row format.

    • Ideal for reviewing details or performing actions on individual items.

  2. Grid View:

    • Items are presented in a more visual, card-like layout, providing a snapshot of each item.

    • This view is particularly useful for modules where visual recognition aids in item identification or comparison.

  3. Map View (if available):

    • Data is displayed geographically on a map, allowing for spatial analysis or understanding location-based contexts.

    • Particularly beneficial for modules dealing with geographical data, locations, or assets.

  4. 3D View (if available):

    • Offers a three-dimensional representation of data, enhancing depth perception and providing a more immersive interaction with the information.

    • This view is advantageous for modules where 3D modeling or spatial orientation is crucial.

Switching Between Views

  • To switch views, simply select the desired option from the available choices in the search bar area.

  • The module's content will automatically update to reflect the chosen view, enabling you to interact with the data in the preferred format.


The view options in Almitee's modules are designed to provide a versatile and user-friendly interface, allowing you to tailor your data interaction experience according to your needs or preferences. By understanding and utilizing these views, you can enhance your efficiency and gain deeper insights into your data. If you require further information or assistance with the view options, Almitee's support team is ready to help via

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