Add, edit and delete items

Almitee's platform provides a consistent user interface for adding, editing, and deleting items across various modules. Understanding this unified approach helps streamline your interactions with the platform, making data management efficient and intuitive.

Adding Items

Single Item Addition

  • To introduce a new item to a module, click the "Add" button, typically found at the top of the module's page.

  • A form will appear, prompting you to enter the necessary information for the new item. Fill out the form accordingly.

  • After completing the form, click the "Add" button within the form to save the new item.

Adding Multiple Items

  • If the module supports the addition of multiple items consecutively, you can use the "Add + Another" option.

  • This option allows you to submit the current item and immediately opens a new, blank form to add another item, streamlining the process of entering multiple entries.

Editing Items

Accessing the Edit Function

  • To edit an existing item, go to the item's detail page by selecting it from the overview page.

  • Click the "Edit" button to bring up the editable form containing the item's details.

Saving Changes

  • Modify the details as needed by entering new information or adjusting existing data in the form fields.

  • Once you've made the necessary changes, click "Update" to save your edits and apply them to the item.

Deleting Items

Single Item Deletion

  • To remove an item, find the trash icon next to the item on the overview page.

  • Clicking this icon will initiate the deletion process for that specific item.

Bulk Deletion

  • If you need to delete multiple items at once, you can select them individually on the overview page.

  • After selecting the items, press the "Delete" button. This action will remove all selected items simultaneously.


The add, edit, and delete functionalities in Almitee are designed to be user-friendly and consistent across different modules, ensuring a seamless experience. Whether you're managing a single item or handling multiple entries, these features enable efficient data manipulation within the platform. If you encounter any challenges or have questions about managing items, Almitee's support resources are available to assist you via

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