Managing tickets

Almitee offers versatile ways to create and manage support tickets, ensuring users can report issues or seek assistance effectively. Understanding the ticketing process and its features will enhance your ability to respond to and resolve user inquiries or problems efficiently.

Creating Tickets

Tickets in Almitee can be initiated through various methods, catering to the convenience and specific contexts of users:

  1. Inbound Email: Users can send an email to a designated support email address, which automatically creates a ticket within Almitee.

  2. QR Code Scanning: For physical assets or specific locations, scanning a QR code can directly create a ticket related to that asset or location.

  3. Manual Entry: Users or support team members can manually add a ticket directly within the Almitee platform.

Ticket Detail Page

Upon selecting a ticket, you're directed to its detail page, which is segmented into several tabs:

  1. Info Tab: Provides a comprehensive overview of the ticket, including historical changes, current status, and essential details.

  2. Chat Tab: Displays the communication thread between the support team and the ticket reporter.

  3. Notes Tab: Contains internal notes visible only to the support team, aiding in collaborative resolution efforts.

  4. Attachments Tab: Houses all documents, screenshots, or other files linked to the ticket.

Ticket Linkage

  • Tickets can be associated with an asset, a location, or be standalone, depending on the nature of the issue reported.

  • The sidebar on the ticket detail page allows for quick modifications such as updating the ticket's status, assignee, or due date.

Communication and Resolution

  • To communicate with the ticket reporter, click "send message." This sends an email to the reporter with a link to the ticket, enabling a direct response.

  • You can attach files to your messages, which then become accessible in the Attachments tab.

Handling Unknown Reporters

  • If the reporter is not an existing contact within your organization, you can add them as a new contact linked to a client. Clients can be associated with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which can automatically dictate the due date based on the SLA's terms.

Leveraging AI for Solutions

  • Almitee provides a "fix with AI" feature, utilizing your knowledge base to suggest potential solutions for the issue at hand. This AI-driven advice can then be communicated to the reporter, streamlining the resolution process.


Almitee's support ticket system is designed to facilitate efficient issue tracking and resolution, enhancing the support experience for both users and support staff. By leveraging these tools and features, you can ensure timely and effective responses to support inquiries, maintaining high satisfaction and productivity levels within your organization.

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