AI Assistants and datasources

Welcome to the Almitee AI Assistant Module documentation. This guide provides comprehensive details on the various types of AI assistants available within the Almitee platform, each configured with different levels of knowledge. You will also find instructions on how to configure and utilize these AI assistants effectively.


The Almitee AI Assistant is divided into three distinct types, each equipped with its own unique knowledge base capabilities:

  1. AI Chatbot

  2. AI Assistant on an Asset/Space

  3. Almitee General AI Assistant

Knowledge Base Levels

  • Level 1 (L1): Knowledge base used by the AI Chatbot.

  • Level 2 (L2): Knowledge base linked to an Asset model.

  • Level 3 (L3): Knowledge base specific to each asset/location.

The knowledge hierarchy works from top to bottom (L1 to L3), where the AI Chatbot (L1) has the most general knowledge, and the knowledge depth increases with each level.

AI Assistant Types

AI Chatbot (Level 1)

  • Function: Can be integrated into your website or SAAS product.

  • Knowledge Base: Configured with general information pertinent to broad user interactions.

AI Assistant on an Asset/Space (Level 3)

  • Function: Accessible via scanning a linked QR code at specific assets or locations.

  • Knowledge Base: Comprises L1, L2, and L3 knowledge bases, thus providing the most detailed and contextual information.

Almitee General AI Assistant

  • Function: General AI assistant of Almitee, accessible only when authenticated on Almitee.

  • Knowledge Base: Includes all levels of knowledge bases (L1, L2, and L3).

Configuring Knowledge Bases

Knowledge bases can be enhanced with various data sources:

  • Websites: Add webpages for automatic information extraction.

  • Documents: Upload PDFs for AI learning.

  • Custom Questions: Create and add custom questions to assist users.

  • YouTube Videos: Include videos for content learning.

Data Source Training

Adding a new data source triggers an AI learning stage. Each data source can be independently retrained by clicking the retrain icon.

Document Handling

  • Adding documents to Almitee (PDFs) initiates an automatic learning stage for the General AI Assistant.

  • Documents added as a data source in any knowledge base allow other AI assistants to learn from them, making the information publicly available across corresponding AI levels.

Implementation of AI Chatbot

The AI Chatbot can be implemented using two lines of code available under the "Implementation" tab on the Chatbot page. Access to our API for this implementation requires a paid organizational plan.

Security and Access

For security reasons, we ensure that only organizations with a paid plan can integrate the AI Chatbot. Contact our support team for assistance if issues arise.


The Almitee AI Assistants are designed to provide tailored and scalable support across various platforms and specific locations. By leveraging detailed documentation and diverse data sources, these assistants enhance user interaction and operational efficiency.

For further assistance or inquiries, please reach out to our support team at

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