Downloading QR codes


This guide outlines the steps for downloading QR codes for assets and locations in Almitee. Users can select multiple items and customize the appearance of their QR codes before downloading them in a convenient zip file.

Overview Page

Selection Process

  1. Navigate to the Overview Page: This is your starting point where you can view and manage multiple assets and locations.

  2. Select Items: Choose the assets or locations for which you need QR codes. Multiple selections are supported.

Downloading QR Codes

  1. Initiate Download: After selecting the desired items, click on the "Download QR codes" button to proceed with downloading the QR codes.

  2. Choose Background Color:

    • A pop-up will appear prompting you to choose a background color for the QR codes.

    • The default color is white, but you can select any color that suits your requirements.

  3. Confirmation and File Creation:

    • Click "OK" after selecting the background color.

    • Almitee will generate a zip file containing all the selected QR codes.

File Details

QR Code Naming

  • Naming Convention: Each QR code file is named according to the identifier of the asset or location:

    • For assets, the file name includes the asset number.

    • For locations, the file name includes the name of the location.

Zip File

  • File Format: All selected QR codes are bundled into a single zip file for easy download and management.

  • Retrieving the Zip File: The zip file can be saved to your local system or designated network location.


By following the steps provided in this guide, users can efficiently download QR codes for assets and locations in Almitee. This process enhances the management and operational efficiency by providing easy access to digital records through physical QR codes.

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