Filters on overview

Filters are essential tools on Almitee's overview pages, enabling you to streamline the view and focus on the most relevant information. This guide will walk you through the process of accessing, applying, and managing filters on any overview page within the Almitee platform.

Accessing the Filter Bar

Initial Access

  • The filter bar is not visible by default to maintain a clean interface. To access it, click on the filter icon typically found near next to the search bar.

  • Once clicked, the filter bar will appear, revealing various options to refine the data displayed on the page.

Using Quick Filter Options

Applying Quick Filters

  • Within the filter bar, you'll notice quick filter options, marked by dashed selections. These are predefined filters that you can apply with a single click.

  • Selecting one of these quick filters immediately updates the page to display only the items that meet the chosen criteria.

Adding Custom Filters

Step 1: Initiate Filter Addition

  • To create a custom filter, click on the "Add Filter" button within the filter bar.

  • A dropdown menu will appear, allowing you to choose the specific field you want to filter by.

Step 2: Specify Filter Criteria

  • After selecting a field, you'll be prompted to define the exact criteria for the filter, such as a specific value or range.

  • Once you've set the criteria, click "Add filter" to apply this custom filter to the overview page.

Step 3: Combining Filters

  • After applying your first filter, you can add more filters to further refine the results. Each additional filter works in conjunction with the others to narrow down the displayed items.

  • You can continue adding filters as needed, tailoring the view to your precise requirements.

Step 4: Saving Filters

  • If you've created a filter combination that you plan to use frequently, you have the option to save this set of filters for easy access in the future.

  • Saving filters can significantly speed up your workflow, especially when dealing with complex data sets.


The filtering functionality in Almitee is a powerful feature designed to enhance your productivity and data management efficiency. By learning how to effectively use filters, you can quickly navigate vast amounts of information and focus on the data that matters most to your tasks and projects. If you need additional guidance on using filters or wish to explore more advanced features, Almitee's support resources are available to assist you via

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